About jollywiz

Jollywiz Digital Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in Taipei in 2007 and Jollywiz Shanghai was established in the following year. With a focus on the integration and applications of social networking and e-commerce websites to create a word of mouth e-commerce business model, Jollywiz has grown to be one of the leading e-commerce companies specializing in products for women and children. The core business of Jollywiz includes the development and operation of e-commerce and social networking websites as well as new product development and brand management. Jollywiz is also one of the very few e-commerce enterprises of high level of professionalism operating both in Taiwan and China. Jollywiz Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Taipei is committed to the promotion of public welfare and is currently the long-term cooperative partner of Child Welfare League Foundation.

Management Team

Jollywiz’s most valuable asset is its highly qualified management team. Our team members have a great deal of experience and knowledge about brand marketing and e-commerce, many of whom have previously worked for major companies such as P&G, Yahoo, PChome, eBay and Gamania. Currently our principal corporate shareholder is UMC Capital.
Founder & CEO:Kevin Shih
Co-founder:Paul Chen

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